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Author: Rob van Kranenburg
To: brico
Subject: [Bricolabs] Fwd: Techno Chamanism

Carlos Flores Cuevas <carlosflorescuevas@???>


> “Hi Techno Shaman people! I just got crossed with your work through a brief comment on Rob’s talk at a forum which finally got into a conversation about what you guys where doing. He kindly sent me your website and I’ve been checking it since then. I just would like to connect with you guys since I make Psychedelic & Conscious/Mysticism/howeveryouwannacallit kind of videos, and specially one of the last ones was a video for a couple of techno producers that call themselves “Techno Shamans” during one of their performances. Again, not sure what I want with this further than to connect, get interested and offer my filmmaking services in case you need them somewhere in time. Thank you for your time!
> Techno Shamans video: https://youtu.be/9EDq_1v_a2I <https://youtu.be/9EDq_1v_a2I>

Anyone wants to get back to him?

Greetings, Rob