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Author: Steve Litt
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] Process Supervision Rosetta Stone
Hi all,

I've created a Process Supervision Rosetta Stone to show identically or
similarly functioning commands in each of daemontools, runit and s6. A
benefit of this is that if one has a working runit run/finish script,
translating to s6 is almost rote text substitution.

This Rosetta Stone is nowhere complete nor do I believe it's entirely
accurate. But I and other people will doubtlessly improve it: It's CC
Share Alike license making this not only possible but easy.

Runit run scripts are easy to come by: s6, not so much. This can
conceivably bring s6 on an equal footing with runit.

Check it out at:



Steve Litt
November 2019 featured book: Manager's Guide to Technical
Troubleshooting Second edition