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Author: golinux
To: Dng
Subject: [DNG] Converting systemd units to init style shell scripts
xunilog just posted something on the forum that pointed to this from
Jessie Smith. Sounds like good news to me that opens all sorts of
possibilities. :D




Nov 17 at 10:29am
Converting systemd units to init style shell scripts

In the past I have hinted at the idea of including a tool (or tools)
which would help packagers and developers convert systemd unit files
into SysV init style shell scripts with LSB headers. While I was working
on a C library for this, another developer (who goes by the name Trek)
beat me to it.

Trek sent over a Bash shell script which accepts a systemd unit file as
its sole parameter. It then digests the unit file and prints out an
equivalent shell script and some debugging information. The shell script
is called sysd2v.sh and is now included in the SysV init source code,
under the "contrib" directory.

Now converting a unit file into a complete shell script is as easy as
running a command like "sysd2v.sh /lib/systemd/system/ssh.service" to
translate the OpenSSH service into a shell script.

While the conversion script is now part of the SysV init source archive,
Trek has kindly made sysd2v.sh available as a stand-alone script on his
website: http://www.trek.eu.org/devel/sysd2v/

Thank you, Trek. The new conversion script will be in the next stable
release of SysV init, which will carry the version number 2.97.