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Author: Alexander Brüning
To: dng@lists.dyne.org
New-Topics: [DNG] Devuan cannot exist without the help of Debian: NOT Dng Digest, Vol 62, Issue 27
Subject: Re: [DNG] Dng Digest, Vol 62, Issue 27
On Mon, 2019-11-25 at 12:00 +0100, dng-request@??? wrote:
> I think we could get 90% of the way to a set of legitimate daemon start
> scripts by running each unit file through a program to produce a daemon
> start file for a different init system.

Wouldn't it make more sense to provide a generic wrapper script that acts
like an init script but parses the unit file every time its called? No need
to inject anything that way, and it's always up-to-date.