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Author: . fsmithred
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] More ways to be free...
On 10/1/19, Mason Loring Bliss <mason@???> wrote:

> It's be nice to see an elilo package, and equally nice to have how-to
> documents showing how to set up the various bootloaders. I can tackle much
> of
> this over time and after learning more, but I'd like to know how people
> feel
> about it.

I'm always in favor of allowing options and choices. Documentation for
different bootloaders is a good idea. People ask about replacing grub
occasionally on the forum and in irc.

Here's a short howto for extlinux on ascii:

I didn't check, but there might be something about extlinux and/or
lilo on dev1fanboy's pages.

> Anyway, this leads to potentially a much bigger topic:
> 2. Third-party repositories. One of the few ways Ubuntu has a moral leg up
> on
> Debian is their seamless support for PPAs.

This subject came up a few times in early meetings. It's probably been
a couple years since anyone mentioned it. I think it would work well.
There are already people developing stuff on their own for devuan and
asking how to get new packages into the devuan repo. Something like
PPA would make it much easier to make stuff available.