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Author: Андрей
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] Results od update from Devuan 2 to Devuan 3 (testing).

For short, for those, that would update because of using
new versions of software, and not to help testing, the update is not
worth, as problems come much more than visual improvements. Actualy, i
have noticed only one: quicker start of OpenBox.

Well. All works except:

. wine32:i386 is gone;

. GUI sessions still ocasionaly log out when from another console user
end is GUI/screen session;

. xhost does not work any more regarding running app.s under another
user in x-session of one user;

. qemu does not give it window any more, but only vnc network address
for access;

. on old hardware, nvidia bond driver, notable 3d-acceleration

. some packages remain unupgradable: nvidia's bond driver related
packages: installer, support, kernel-common, modprobe;
glx-alternative-* update-glx;

. PERL pipe/socket randomly misses input, making it necessary to repeat.

I think i have enlisted all the problems, that remain in my case on the
said upgrade. Hope this can be profitable to know to maintainers.
Personally, i would "upgrade" to Devuan 2, as i have upgraded namely in
order to get more modern software.