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Author: s
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] EmbDevuan - Cross-Building ..
Hello all,
I am trying my Embedded Cross-Building System( for quite some time now.. )
After 3 rewrites I understand now, why buildroot seems so complex to me.. :D

But this email is about Devuan package Building..

Is there any simple way to package:
. linux-image,
. linux-headers,
. linux-firmware

I noticed that:
. linux-image    - Contains the Linux Kernel Image + Kernel Modules
. linux-headers  - Contains only the header files, why are them in /usr/src( I saw a package data.tar.xz ), shouldn't them be in /usr/include ?
. linux-firmware - Maybe I will use it for, the graphics drivers blobs + /boot/vendor_name/device-tree-binarie files?

In this way I will end with several Linux Firmware packages:
. linux-firmware-allwinner..
. linux-firmware-rockchip
. linux-firmware-nxp
. linux-firmware-nexel
. and so on..

I noticed here that exists some were a 'dev1h' or 'dev1helper', something like that, maybe here in the mailing list..
But I can't find it, or an example..
I would be gratefull to hear from you, any precedures for building some packages, majority will be:
Kernel + Modules
Header files, so that any one can develop a Kernel driver, as an example..

The lack on sbc boards of recent kernels, lack of kernel header files( some have adapted android kernels, and so on..), made me feel the need to develop a building system, to solve that problem..or at least try..

Thanks in Advance, for your time.

Best Regards,
s@po <tuxd3v@???>