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Author: Graytail
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] Point releases?
Back in February of 2019 there was a thread on here asking about updated
ISO files, akin to what Debian does. 9.x, most recent I believe is 9.9.

However nothing seemed to come from the very brief discussion on that.

What I'm wondering is if there has been any further discussion on this
internally among the dev group.

The main reason I'd like to see these happen is that it's nice to use an
updated live ISO, particularly in regards to the security vulnerability
related to apt a while go, where upgrades were recommended to be done by
download the .deb files manually, rather than apt-get updating apt itself.

In my humble opinion, this applies even to minimal net installer images,
where it's slightly more finicky to apply manual fixes to packages
before everything gets installed.

However, I'm also aware these aren't mission critical. Outdated Live
ISOs can be easily updated during install, or pre/post install.

Are point releases something that take a bit of manpower to accomplish?