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Author: psy
To: unsystem
Subject: Re: [unSYSTEM] What happens with Capitalism? (I)

On 6/19/19 10:47 AM, psy wrote:
>> The issue is, technology will shorten the time it takes to do some or most
>> things.
> Remember that one of the main objectives of many technologies is only to
> save time and that fact, usually generates some kind of corruption.

And that corruption can be controlled by another technologies and so on.
"This is a trap!"... and people ready to make business using
mass-technologies (5G, OSs..) are really interested on keep that model.
Even with an incresing of automation of primary and secondary sectors on
the working system, because that means more chips, wires (including
sea-wires), etc.. They want to remove humans, keep them alive but to
consume.. and they will use the idea of machinery as a liberation
method. And the worst is that in fact, it is truth. But, the conditions
for a lot of people will be more terrible than now. So, we need to
introduce human factor as a need, for example, controlling the unique
thing that he/she has... time. A time directly related with the fact of
death. Something that an AI will never understand.