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Author: Bruce Ferrell
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] backups from ext4 to ntfs - extended attributes and access control lists
On 5/28/19 5:43 PM, Rick Moen wrote:
> Quoting Bruce Ferrell (bferrell@???):
>> You *could* make a tarball and copy that to NTFS.  Imperfect but no
>> semantic loss that way
> Not intending to complain, but I literally, actually _just now_ said that:
> I don't know for certain because, frankly, NTFS is so unpromising a
> target for Linux backups that it never would occur to me to try, except,
> if I were absolutely forced to use NTFS as a target, backing up trees
> inside some container archiving format such as tar or cpio that is
> specifically designed to encapsulate *ix metadata.
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Sorry Rick... I missed that.

I am absolutely astounded by the number of time I've seen *IX "admins" at fortune X companies copy a tree to a windows share and wonder why it's broken when they try to restore
from it. NFS, if not done correctly, can do that same thing too. So...