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Author: Eric Voskuil
To: Олег Гаврильченко
CC: libbitcoin
Subject: Re: [Libbitcoin] FW: How use libbitcoin for get mempool information?
No code can generate a valid block without maintaining the chain.


> On May 17, 2019, at 02:02, Олег Гаврильченко <Gavrilchenko@???> wrote:
> Hello!
> I develop FPGA mining device and I don’t want use bitdoind. Bitcoind for work download full blockchain(300GB).
> I wand write lightweight cliend, without bitcoind, that get information from Bitcoin P2P similar like “getblocktemplate” request and if my device find bloc hash (J) send it to network.
> Say me please, how I do this with libbitcoin ?
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