:: [DNG] simple-netaid from scratch
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Author: aitor_czr
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] simple-netaid from scratch
Hi all,

I recently started started developing the backend of simple-netaid from
scratch. There will be a lot of improvements.
You can find the project here:


The readme file will contain all the documentation about usage of the
CLI version of simple-netaid. The code contained
in the current status are core versions of some features of iproute2,
removing simple-netaid's dependency on the whole project.
For example, the functions of the ipaddr.c file:


flushes all the previous ip addresses asigned to a concrete network
interface,doing the same than:

# ip addr flush dev <device_name>

I hope to finish this work as soon as possible in order to include the
network manager in gnuinos ascii.