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Author: Matthias Kruk
To: devuan-mirrors
Subject: [devuan-mirrors] Fwd: Japanese Devuan package mirror
Hey there,

I'm forwarding the following message since I forgot to include
devuan-mirrors in the recipients.

Best regards

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Matthias Kruk <matthiaskruk@???>
Date: 2019年4月22日(月) 16:26
Subject: Japanese Devuan package mirror
To: <mirrors@???>

Hello everyone,

as previously stated on #devuan-dev, I would like to host a Devuan package
mirror in Japan, since there is no mirror over here, yet.

I have attached the SSH pubkey I'm planning to use to this email (I assume
ed25519 is fine). The remaining required information as per the mirror
walkthrough is:

- Name of the mirror contact person: Matthias Kruk
- Contact person email: matthiaskruk@???
- mirror IP:
- IPv4:
- IPv6: 2001:e42:102:1704:160:16:137:156
- mirror FQDN: devuan.m10k.jp
- Bandwidth limits: 100Mbit/s
- Disk limits: ~40G (will redirect to a local Debian mirror for
non-Devuan-specific debs)
- Mirror Country: Japan (server located in Tokyo)
- supported protocols: HTTP/HTTPS

Please let me know if there is any further information needed from my side.

Best regards