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Author: almereyda
To: SquatConf
Subject: [Squatconf] squat*BLN : 14. - 16.5. / 19.5. / 21. - 22.5.
Best squatters,

the preparations for the three Squat* events are moving on slowly.

SquatCamp : 14. - 16.5.

There is slight interest by people to support the WiFi mesh at the wagon

You can follow up on the issue, if you like

SquatBar : 19.5.

A seemingly unplanned, but comforted situation in a barcamp-like
environment to talk about all things distributin/mesh/P2P

@Ksenya Are we still doing this? What do you see left to prepare, other
than letting people know? I feel getting drinks and food for the place,
and its key, will be a no brainer.

SquatPub : 21. - 22.5.

ActivityPub is on the rise and P2P technologies still challenge the
societies imaginaries of information flows. How can we perceive our
endeavour as a 'venture communist' direct action for
counterantidisintermediation, and publish about distribution and direct
exchange with libre communication media to the wider masses?

Please don't hesitate to leave a short note here in the list, or in the
channel, if you have further ideas.