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Author: golinux
To: Dng
Subject: [DNG] Things to think about
Before last Wednesday's Devuan meet. I collected a few thoughts that I
hoped might be useful. What wishful thinking . . .

1. Personal attacks are rarely constructive. "Say it forget it, write
it regret it."
2. It's not about you. It's about Devuan. Please get out of your own
3. Never, ever lie to your users.
4. Unilateral decisions have no place in a collaborative environment
5. Internal communication is a good thing. "Surprises" erode trust.

Maybe I have a short memory but I have always described Devuan as a
unique environment where collaborative work not personal agendas was the
the focus. Well, that idealism certainly came crashing back to the
reality that humans are indeed grossly flawed, unreliable and sunk in

Those of us with more even temperament are exhausted from the stupidity
of the drama and disheartened by the lack of constructive solutions and

Maybe this will sort out. Maybe it won't. Maybe the magic and joy will
return. Maybe it won't. It is not easy to repair a broken toy once it
is in pieces.

Humans are such slow learners . . .