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Author: aitor_czr
To: dng
New-Topics: [DNG] sysvinit replacement: was Please, inform users about the current 'health' of Devuan.
Subject: Re: [DNG] Please, inform users about the current 'health' of Devuan.

On 19/4/19 11:03, Edward Bartolo via Dng wrote:
> Following the last crises in the Administration of Devuan, as a user
> of Devuan who appreciates init freedom, I am worried. Is the crises
> over or not? What about the void created by katolaZ?

I still hope to see KatolaZ around. He really has created a void in the
project. I offer myself to cooperate.

> The fact that there are business entities who want init freedom is
> something of a blessing.
> I congratulate Jaromil for having the charisma of recognizing
> decisional errors: that is a quality of good leaders.

One of the favorite quotes of Richard Stallman is: "We are humans, and
we make mistakes".
And yes..., we must learn from our mistakes and  we must forgive the
mistakes of others in the same way that we also need to forgive ourselves.
With regard to the init freedom, Jaromil did such question to all the
caretakers in the First Devuan Conference. I wanted to add my opinion,
but the
question was only directed towards the caretakers. So, i'll give here my
opinion: any risky decision (as well as a replacement to sysvinit)
should be
taken in a devuan derivative and not in the devuan operanting system per
se,which is a base to build upon.