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Author: Martin Steigerwald
To: devuan-dev
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] Private WHOIS for Devuan Project domains
Hi Rick.

Thank you very much for your very detailed response.

Rick Moen - 18.04.19, 03:28:
> Quoting Martin Steigerwald (martin@???):

> Friendly greetings, Martin.
> I'd attempted to carefully avoid this discussion getting sidetracked
> onto 'private WHOIS: good of bad?', as that was NOT the subject.
> For that reason, to try to avoid that digression, I specifically said:
> 'Some people prefer using for their domains 'privacy proxy' or other
> obscured WHOIS, for what I assume are good and compelling reasons.' I
> had _hoped_ this and similar wording in my two posts would deter
> someone wanting to post arguments for private WHOIS, but you've now
> ventured into that digression nonetheless. Please indulge my _first_
> changing the subject back, before addressing your digression.

I just started writing you a mail like this:

> I see you managed to bring this about in the meeting.
> Feel free to simply dismiss my mail.
> I skipped meeting. I did not yet setup Jitsi and… also the during the
> meeting at work there was a conflict I worked on to release and decide
> about. So… I skipped the Devuan meeting.
> I intend to test out Jitsi setup with golinux, so I can decide
> spontaneously to attend a meeting at any week.?

I will not respond in detail at this time. And if I still choose to at a
later time, I likely respond privately to you, since it is off-topic here
after the caretakers made a decision about it.

Just one answer that I find important:

Rick Moen - 18.04.19, 03:28:
> > For me no need to discuss any of this. Just wanted to express that
> > there are different opinions on this matter.
> Please explain this to me: How on _earth_ did you conclude that this
> point required clarification, when I explicitly said exactly that?

That is simple: I missed it. Sorry about that.

Yes, sometimes things are as simple as that. :)