:: [devuan-dev] Devuan Ascii on EC2
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Author: Alexey Zilber
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Devuan Ascii on EC2
Hi All,

Spent a day trying to get Devuan into an EC2 instance with no success.
I tried with Packer -> VBox -> EC2, then just VBox -> EC2.
When I import the image I get the following error:


    "ImportImageTasks": [


            "Description": "Devuan 9 (Ascii)",

            "ImportTaskId": "import-ami-XXXXXX",

            "LicenseType": "BYOL",

            "SnapshotDetails": [


                    "DiskImageSize": 1246319104.0,

                    "Format": "VMDK",

                    "Status": "completed",

                    "UserBucket": {

                        "S3Bucket": "XXXXXXXXXX",

                        "S3Key": "devuan-packer-chef.ova"




            "Status": "deleting",

            "StatusMessage": "ClientError: Unsupported kernel version




Here's the kicker. I compared the kernels to Debian Stretch, and it's the
same, exact kernel. Has anyone had any luck doing an ec2 import-image on
a Devuan OVA?