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Author: fsmithred
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] [SPAM] Re: Way forward
On 04/14/2019 04:40 AM, Antony Stone wrote:
> On Sunday 14 April 2019 at 10:39:34, aitor_czr wrote:
>> On 14/4/19 10:30, chillfan--- via Dng wrote:
>>> About corporations:
>>> If they are that interested in Devuan (and yes I'm repeating myself) they
>>> should put some dedicated maintainers our way so we can remove all of
>>> libsystemd0.
>> It's possible to remove entirely libsystemd0.
> How difficult is "possible"?
> Antony.

In beowulf:
apt-get install libelogind0
apt-get remove libsystemd0

That's all.