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Author: KatolaZ
To: devuan-dev
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] kernel headers and kbuild into live images
On Fri, Mar 22, 2019 at 08:55:49PM +0100, Jaromil wrote:


> you are right, maybe I'm just in a tunnel vision :^) when I made the
> first two versions of dyne:bolic, being nomadic and without big
> computers, I've first made live usb sticks with -dev packages and
> headers and 'cdist' installed with some autoconf scripts, then built
> it around opportunistically whenever I found a medialab available :^)
> its just another kind of live we are talking about here and I agree
> with you the best is to build somewhere else and copy that on
> it.

Dear Jaromil,

Actually, that would make a lot of sense, as a separate kind of live,
if it is used just to debootstrap a minimal system and add a kernel, a
bootloader, and a bunch on needed modules compiled on-the-fly. The
problem is that once you provide that image, users would like to
customise *everything* from the live, and we find ourselves with
yet-another-installer-to-maintain :D

But I definitely see scope for that.

> > I guess the best is for them to install live-sdk, add the packages
> > they need to the blend, and spin a build.
> well, this is still a degree of difficulty higher than making a dkms
> build on a full install and then copying the .ko over, assuming the
> full install has the exact same kernel, compiler and base libraries..
> however, brainstorming now, just thinking how to make it easy to get
> that damn little missing driver inside the usb stick when it needs to

Again, I definitely see scope for such a thing, especially since
having 4GB of RAM is not unusual these days, if you desperately need a
driver that is not available for whatever reason. I am only wary of
the possible ramifications. Let's keep brainstorming. I am sure we
will find a good solution :)



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