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Author: Ognen B
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] Quirks with Xorg and ASCII (startx and transparency)
Hi all,

So, I have just upgraded my machine from Jessie to Ascii, and I am
having some issues. Specifically:

1. startx as non-root user no longer works. Now I keep getting
"permission denied" for X when it attempts to start.

This isn't completely surprising, as I read the upgrade notes, and it
said that there have been some changes to xorg, and to get the old
behaviour you need "xserver-xorg-legacy" installed.

However I have that package installed, but it still doesn't work. What
do I need to do to get this working again?

2. Pseudo-transparency on rxvt no longer works. On jessie (and much
before), I had pseudo-transparency set using the "-tr" on rxvt. However
on ascii rather than getting the background image, I just have a black
bg image. Attempts to get this working so far have not succeeded.

Anyone come across this? Any ideas how to fix?