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Author: Alessandro Selli
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] simple-netaid-backend debugged.
On 08/03/19 at 01:09, Ralph Ronnquist via Dng wrote:
> Alessandro Selli wrote on 8/3/19 10:56 am:
>>   Please tell us.  When you need to do firewalling, what do you use and why?
>> 1) ipfwadm
>> 2) ipchains
>> 3) iptables
> I assume you ask me specifically.

  No, I'm asking you generically. <gh>

> In most hypotheticals I care to
> imagine, I would use iptables, because I believe I know it well enough
> to make it do what I would want it to do.

  Can't you come up with any technical reason as to why *all*
firewalling today in Linux is done with iptables (a little with
nftables) and none with ipchains and ipfwadm anymore?

> Of course, if it'd be for a
> Mac powerbook, I would have to sob for at least a week, and then use pf,
> probably.

  Irrelevant remark.  That's not Linux.

> You have a favourite, too?

  I favour technically updated, advanced, modern, maintained, versatile,
powerful and easy to use tools.  In this case, it's iptables.  And ip
and iw for the same reasons, like all distro maintainers and almost all
Linux networking developers do.

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