:: [devuan-dev] The d1conf doldrums
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Author: golinux
To: devuan-dev
Subject: [devuan-dev] The d1conf doldrums
Dear Devs,

It's been nearly a month since the public announcement on DNG for the
dev1conf this spring in Amsterdam. Something was set up with Eventzilla
the day of the announcement but there has been no further communication
with them from our side afaict - no details about where and how people
can register and purchase tickets has been sent to me. I'm starting to
get a sinking feeling just like I felt when we couldn't get our act
together for the first proposed date last Nov.

IMO we are seriously behind where we should be in organizing this event.
After all the holiday hoopla there will be less than 3 months to do
what seems like the impossible.

First, we need to announce where and how people can register so they can
make travel plans ASAP! Will all that happen at Eventzilla? Heck,
afaik, ticket prices have not even been set. A follow up announcement
that should include this information was written but languishes on a

Merchandise needs to be ordered NOW by those of you in EU. It could take
months for a delivery date. If sponsors are going to provide items to
promote both themselves and Devuan, we need to know this so that there
are not duplications. Do we even have any sponsors? Has there been any
outreach at all other than casual chitchat?

No one has "officially" submitted a topic for a presentation though
there have been offers from some of our devs to step up. How can we
"sell" an event without a program?

Any and all suggestion and tangible help would be appreciated.

Thanks for listening . . .