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Author: Brian Degger
To: Bricolabs startup mailinglist
Subject: Re: [Bricolabs] Fwd: Open call for the II Intergalactic Commune Festival
this looks amazing....i want to go.

On Thu, Oct 11, 2018 at 11:04 AM Paula Vélez <pvelezbr@???> wrote:

> Amazing Fabi!
> El mié., 10 oct. 2018 a las 20:28, natacha (<natacha@???>)
> escribió:
>> Thanks much fabi for sharing,
>> I so much understand what you mean, we need to get the sky back
>> amazing
>> natacha
>> On 10/10/2018 09:00 AM, fabi borges wrote:
>> Hi bricos, here I send some return about the polemic event at bricolabs.
>> Some Images of the Intergalactic Commune II - It happened from September
>> 15 to 23 at the School of Astrophysics and Planetarium of Ibirapuera Park
>> in São Paulo !!
>> photos 👉
>> https://www.flickr.com/photos/144294648@N06/sets/72157700242527631/page1
>> We have learned a lot from the space mining projects, which
>> multinationals are involved, which companies actually have projects for the
>> Moon, whether tourism and advertising will really be the new content of the
>> new space race, if the exploration of other planets will even come up with
>> robots and 3d glasses ... If the project of putting humans on Mars is only
>> a distraction for much more ambitious projects in terms of planet
>> exploration, or just another utopian one. We have updated the old and
>> forgotten project of the South American Space Agency, which never happened
>> apparently because Brazil is an asshole. We have dozens of space
>> scientists, astronomers and astrophysicists, feminists, fictionists,
>> afrofuturists, transsexuality in the scientific environment who search for
>> binary planets, Guarani natives of Jaraguá celebrating the Equinox, Caraí
>> Guarani astronomy master talking about luminous, does extremophilic
>> research on asteroids, or with Asgardian people on space condominium
>> projects, and the new cosmetics made of meteorite ... We had galleys than
>> won the Nobel Prize for discovery of gravitational wave measurements,
>> discussions on Time, there were people from NASA, they told me there was
>> someone from SpaceX there, but he did not talk to us, he had an independent
>> astronaut who was already dozens of times in Space, and there were also
>> meteorite hunters, Russian cosmism and Italian futurism, we had Biné
>> speaking about the current situation of the quilombos around the Center of
>> Launching of Alcântara, we had experimental science fiction, speculative
>> fiction labs, spectroscopy, electromagnetic field, radio astronomy, space
>> hypnosis ... Enough performance, dance, intervention, installation, launch
>> of A.E.I. O.U (Unique Ontological Intergalactic Employment Agency), many
>> artists projected in the dome of the planetarium, almost all of them for
>> the first time, bringing in the race (and for free) their narratives
>> presenting their sky to all of us ... We even had live theater live on
>> super screen. The discussion was intergalactic but also about planetary
>> citizenship, or at least planetary networks instead of nations, anyway ...
>> it was difficult, without funding, sometimes it was empty, sometimes
>> crowded, everyone invested what they could, we count on the collaboration
>> of everyone who participated, we almost killed ourselves, but left the
>> intergalactic II. The first was at the Valongo Observatory. The third one
>> is a mystery, but we know that we have to get the sky back !!!
>> #takebackthespace
>> yes, it was good,
>> not so big like we thought
>> but 9 days of deep discussions;
>> kisses
>> fabi.
>> Em qui, 16 de ago de 2018 às 13:20, Jean-Noël Montagné <jnm@???>
>> escreveu:
>>> Le 16/08/2018 à 15:18, Jaromil a écrit :
>>> "talking over and over about decroissance in our little villages. "
>>> Degrowth will not be a topic of a conference in this symposium.
>>> We just want to document and mediatize some big local problems, masked
>>> by the authorities [1], and to document some local alternatives, masked
>>> by the media [2].
>>> Here are the orientation of the topics for the 140 15mn conferences:
>>> -40 scientific conferences + 10 posters about the situation, in many
>>> fields, in the south of the alps ( 1/3 of the confs. , depressive part)
>>> -100 conferences about working sustainable alternatives running in the
>>> south of the alps ( 2/3 of the confs, positive part)
>>> Salut !
>>> JN
>>> [1] Example: Nizza (500 000 inhabitants with surburbs) is now the most
>>> polluted city in France for aerial pollution, (scientific & air-agency
>>> sources), all year long, because of planes and boats. Local political
>>> authorities don't want that tourists know this fact.
>>> [2] There is only one newspaper for 1.080.000 people in this area. No
>>> plurality. This newspaper "informs" with direct connection to local
>>> political authorities. with a focus on the growth of tourism and
>>> mass-business.
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Brian Degger
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