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Author: KatolaZ
To: DNG, devuan-mirrors
Subject: [devuan-mirrors] Devuan Package Mirror network -- status and developments
Dear D1rs,

this is an update on the status of the Devuan package mirror network,
that we have put in place during the last year.


(1) the Devuan package mirror network is functioning well and growing;
(2) we need mirrors in North-America, Asia, and Australia/New Zealand;

The long version is below. Please continue reading if you want more
details on (1) or you think you can help with (2).

Thanks to all the people who are concretely providing help to ensure
that Devuan remains a free, stable, dependable, universal operating



--- Long Version ---

-+- Regarding (1) -+-

The Devuan Package Mirror network is in charge of serving devuan
packages (not installation media). It currently includes 17 active
mirrors. The current list is available at:


All those mirrors provide at least 100Mb/s upload bandwidth, with most
of them at 1Gb/s or more. Some of those mirrors are also part of a DNS
Round Robin pool reachable at:


This is the recommended repository URL to use starting with Devuan 2.0
ASCII. The actual composition of the RR pool varies over time
(normally increasing in size as new mirrors are available, and
shrinking if mirrors experience problems), and currently contains 14

All these mirrors, and in particular the mirrors in the RR pool, are
continuously and automatically checked for integrity and consistency.

If you experience a glitch on some of the mirrors behind
deb.devuan.org, it's useless to point your browser to the IP that
seems to be failing: the reason is that all those mirrors expect to be
contacted with a "Host: deb.devuan.org" header (they normally serve as
mirrors for other distros and repositories, and the Devuan provision
is based on virtual hosts). If you what that means, you know also how
to get around with curl/wget and help debugging.

If you don't know what the previous paragraph means, just remember
that it's useless to point your browser to the of the IP address of
the deb.devuan.org pool that seems to be failing :)

We normally detect any glitch almost in real-time, but please shout on
#devuan-dev if something does not look right.

We are currently working to introduce also continent-based pools,
which would allow to improve the overall responsiveness of the mirror
network and to better balance the load. More news will come in due

-+- Regarding (2) -+-

According to the download stats we have at hand, at least 30% of
Devuan installations are in North America, a similar amount are in
Europe, and the remaining are almost exclusively in Asia and Oceania.

Most of our current package mirrors are in Europe, we have two in
South America (Chile and Brazil), while there are no package mirrors
in North America, Asia and Oceania at the moment. We are in contact
with a few large providers, to establish at least a couple of mirrors
there. But if in the meanwhile anybody would be able to host a package
mirror in one of those areas, please:

a) be sure you can provide an upload bandwidth of at least 50-100Mb/s
(obviously the higher, the better);

b) be sure that you have about 30GB of free disk space (a package
mirror currently requires 15GB);

c) read the Devuan package mirror walkthrough available at:


d) if you have gone through c), you already know what comes next ;P

Any help would be much appreciated.

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