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Author: Evilham
To: devuan-dev
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] package mirror round-robin
Am 22/12/2017 um 19:02 schrieb Jaromil:
> please do try this feature using http://deb.devuan.org
> also please note that the round-robin does not work when using TLS,
> an 'apt update' using https://deb.devuan.org will report error as:
> Err:7 https://deb.devuan.org/merged ascii Release
> SSL: certificate subject name (*.vpgrp.io) does not match target host name 'deb.devuan.org'
> [...]
> E: The repository 'https://deb.devuan.org/merged ascii Release' does no longer have a Release file.
> N: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by
> I wonder if there are known solutions to this or if it should be
> clearly listed as a disclaimer.

That's pretty awesome :).

We gave the TLS issue a lot of thought and it's not quite doable without
having some sort of control of the servers. So we should clearly mention
that TLS is not supported under that round robin domain and instead
point to a list of mirrors.

Since KatolaZ already made the mirror list available online in a
machine-readable format, it's still to be implemented that our website
updates accordingly :-D (on my TODOs).