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Author: Devuan Mirrors
To: devuan-mirrors
Subject: [devuan-mirrors] Devuan Package Mirrors -- weekly update
Dear Mirror Admins,

Please find below the full list of Devuan package mirrors as
of Friday 03 Nov 2017:

FQDN: auto.mirror.devuan.org
BaseURL: auto.mirror.devuan.org
Bandwidth: 250Mb/s
Rate: 24h
Active: Yes

FQDN: pkgmaster.devuan.org
BaseURL: pkgmaster.devuan.org
Bandwidth: 250Mb/s
Rate: 5m
Active: Yes

FQDN: sledjhamr.org
BaseURL: sledjhamr.org/devuan
Bandwidth: 5TB/month
Rate: 3h
Active: yes

FQDN: devuan.4isp.it
BaseURL: devuan.4isp.it
Bandwidth: 500Mbps
Rate: 3h
Active: yes

FQDN: mirror.koddos.net
BaseURL: mirror.koddos.net/devuan
Bandwidth: 1Gbps (can be extended if needed)
Rate: 3h
Active: yes

FQDN: devuan.alcooland.it
BaseURL: devuan.alcooland.it
Bandwidth: none at the moment
Rate: 3h
Active: yes

Please contact "mirrors@???" if any of the information
above needs to be amended.

Thanks for your precious help in ensuring that Devuan GNU+Linux
remains a universal, stable, dependable, free operating system.


The Dev1Devs