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Psychologist Paul Marko on Targeted Individuals with Ella Free

1:10:38 / 1:57:51
Psychologist Paul Marko on Targeted Individuals with Ella Free
Ella F
Ella F 65 videos
Published on Jun 2, 2017 3 months ago

Guest tips or need support? Email Ella at tiangel2016@???

Recorded on May 30, 2017

Doctor Marko spent 30 plus years as an organizational development
psychologist in large corporations and governments internationally. Which
means that as a psychologist, he worked with organizations and people
within those organizations to help achieve objectives and modify culture.

He has a Ph.D. in psychology with a major in Consciousness Studies and has
done research in that field. In 2011 he co-authored and edited an academic
book on that subject entitled The Postconventional Personality.
Subsequently, Paul wrote a short book for public consumption entitled,
Belief Magic, designed as a tool to awaken people to the trap in which
those that manipulate their beliefs have placed them.

Academically, Paul has taught at various times on all levels of education
from kindergarten to the postgraduate level.

Currently, Paul and his wife Mindy do several podcasts per month called
"the World Beyond Belief" which presents information and interviews
relevant to the awakening of humankind. They also make videos that explain
what is really happening in the world behind the MSM facade. Paul and
Mindy host and produce a weekly panel discussion entitled the Techno-Crime
Fighters Forum to raise awareness of the plight of those innocent
individuals being targeted by the deep state which orchestrates gang
stalking events and directs energy weapons to transform mankind.

All data and information provided on this recording is for informational
purposes only. The host, Ella Free makes no representations as to
accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any
information on this recording and will not be liable for any errors,
omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or
damages arising from its display or use. All information is provided on an
as-is basis.

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Deborah Anne Weber
Deborah Anne Weber3 months ago
I came up with how to make the mind-reading technology in the mid to late
70s.... it's been here for decades and decades.
Butterfly2 months ago
I agree with them targeting individuals who are curious and unwilling to
accept what the fake media puts out. Just realized I am a target after
researching government corruption beginning in 2014. Also, they feel that
I can impress others due to my profession, however I am not a political
activist at this point in time. Not sure if I am getting a lot of
directed energy weapons or not, but have severe tinnitus that never goes
away. I highly recommend orgonite for everyone to thwart EMFs that all
people are subject to.
Cynthia Lynn Valerino
Cynthia Lynn Valerino3 months ago
Hi Ella! My advice is to just try to ignore the fact that you're targeted.
Be happy! I'm sure it drives em crazy! I don't hear any sounds or see any
colors. Perhaps they got scared when they found out that Jessie Ventura
had my back? Your guess is as good as mine Thanks Ella, for all you do.
You make me feel safer, as does Facebook live Big fan of Mark Zuckerberg
Crystal Starheart
Crystal Starheart2 months ago
"Erasing History: Trump Administration Returning CIA Torture Report To Be
Destroyed" --
I. Sokolov
I. Sokolov3 months ago
Thanks Ella F for a great program about an interesting topic. Mind Control
is becoming the new normal. It is not easy to stop it since it is not only
a US/NATO invention, but Russia, China, India, and Israel too is
developing this technology. It is a disaster this technology has been
leaked to private entities and some of them are cults that does not work
four your best interest. Our privacy of mind was lost in the 1990s and now
Facebook, Google, and Microsoft will commercialize the de-classified DARPA
technology and improve it by engaging Universities and research
laboratories world-wide.

We should too develop a low frequency shield to protect those of us who do
not want the mind control on 24/7 (I guess that is all of the TI's). It
would be great if the Governments decided ALL research has to be done on
consenting adults, not on randomly picked Targeted Individuals.

Neuro science can be very good in the right hands. Helping stroke victims
with communication handicaps. In the military, and in the war on
terrorism, this technology can do a lot of good. The way it is today; used
to harass people, by cults and criminal entities. We do not see the same
problems in Russia, China, and none NATO countries. CIA, NSA, and the US
military complex is notorious bad to keep secrets, we see this from the
Wikileaks. Neoro Science is here to be, it can not be un-invented, but we
can regulate it.
True Dat
True Dat3 months ago
If this is happening here imagine the targeting in the war zones
Deborah Anne Weber
Deborah Anne Weber3 months ago
Correction: Misanthropic MONSTERS... Good for you, Paul. I completely

Buttttt - I disagree with your assessment of why more mainstream programs
won't air her, Karen Stewart, yet (I will work on changing that).
Sometimes, she's being blocked without knowing it... they do hack emails,
snail mail, faxes, social media, cell phones, etc... and they have gone
after so many, many people in mainstream media. CNN aired some of the core
group of Murder Inc/The Finders: female arsonist & mass murderer, Nancy
Varian (the ugly red-headed cretin with the light blue fleece jacket, blue
jeans, yellow pom-poms), #1 finder & murderer, Carol Holle Chapman Raab,
Col Douglas Beason's niece, Jeanne Roberts or whatever surname she is
using and then Craft Int'l the mercenary group... And what was CNN's
punishment? Some anchors/reporters/execs were gone after... they've done
it to others, NYTs too... and look at how many have been outright
murdered.... Not to mention "Copper Green" a BS military propaganda
Deborah Anne Weber
Deborah Anne Weber3 months ago
Of interest to note: I knew the widow of Lockheed Martin's Corporate
Attorney/Executive - she was living in South Seattle SHAG. I met her late
2013, knew her through part of 2014. She was former Greek Intelligence
and she and her husband lived in both Greece and then Saudi Arabia for
some years before returning home retiring to their permanent residence was
in Seattle, WA.

She said they returned to the States in 2012, I believe, and within a
month of their return, her husband (15yrs plus her senior) whose health
she watched like a hawk, suddenly came down with a respiratory infection,
went to the hospital in Seattle and died. She was still very, very
traumatized. She'd perseverate: "They killed my man! They killed my man!"
She absolutely adored her husband, her ground floor apt (gorgeous vaulted
ceilings, etc) was essentially a shrine to her husband. She was certainly
a TI, a concept that was new to her. The core group of Murder Inc & the
Finders from my encounters with them in upstate NY, Albany, NY Capital
District, were the ones torturing her and other innocent people (good
veterans, good social workers, good witnesses, good people..) in South
Seattle SHAG. This infamous crew is flown all over & others locally (fake
witness protection, super soldiers gone awry, etc) would abet them in
their war-crimes. There was also a former Marine from Poughkeepsie, NY
using the name of "Dave Bell" who is part of the criminal crew who seemed
to be forced to dole out cancer which these Special BlackOps called
"American Cancer Society" also meaning "Active Cancer System." And as for
that core crew, everyone seemed to be answering to former FBI Director,
Robert Mueller and former Army Military Intelligence KKK Mark Simmons.
Some of Dick Cheney's family seemed held hostage by this crew... unless he
himself was forcing their involvement. I don't know. My older half-brother
was certainly involved, but at a lesser level. Their obsession with him
was his mother's parents: infamous Nazis. She actually was a decent woman,
not perfect, but certainly decent.

The Monarch Program was started as a BS cover to "hide me" after my older
half-brother offered me up to these war-criminals in a fit of certainly
provoked jealous rage, but what it really was about was stealing &
keeping stolen Nazi & Rotten Royal looted fortunes from my family (Weber &
Rosato/Rosetta). My birth and not coming from a Nazi war-criminal, made me
the only rightful heir to the Weber fortune - which was enormous. I'm also
the only real signatory on the Rosato/Rosetta Mona Lisa monies. Strange,
but tragically true. It was these war-criminals - especially those in
Academia - who continued these depraved MK-ULTRA agendas. This IS about
MIND CONTROL and using bad "eugenics" and technology as part of a
sociopathic Empire Agenda. I know some of the sociopaths who were behind
this crap agenda to prop up the offspring of war-criminal crap and destroy
the best & brightest of the West.... What ensued was an entire bevy of
psychopaths using science & technology (cybernetics for one) on innocent
citizens as guinea pigs as part of their "social engineering" & "human
engineering" agenda.

So, to be sure, this is being run DOMESTICALLY by Operation & Project
Paperclips and those who created those Operations & Projects. Like I
stated above, the core group was an infamous group of homicidal
mass-murderers released from the Prison for the Criminally Insane &
federal penitentiaries. There are even some from Leavenworth. This is the
FAKE CIA & rogue DIA and their creepy cronies who were scattered all over
the USA. War mongerers. Hegelian Dialectical .... Like my grandfather, Max
Weber, Jr wrote, "The Cult of Personality" and General Smedley Butler
wrote, "War is a Racket".... but it's also part of EMPIRE. I tell people
to look at a map and look who's made a comeback: Rotten Royals & Organized
Religious Liars and the scurrilous sociopaths who profit (think rotten
transnational corporations) - especially the PsyOps Defense Contractor
monoliths like SRI/SAIC & L-3... look at Monsanto with their GMO
bio-weapons (gene promoters & organophosphates) and an entire weaponized
grid of Directed Energy Weapons.. whose use in global mind control is
destroying the entire planet, the environment, the GAIA system of all
systems at play... And they've been operating un-tethered in America (USA)
for nearly 100 years... It's been an EMPIRE war of attrition ... It's STAR
WARS and we're not winning... Keep up the good work - if you have
children, their lives depend on all of us stopping this malevolent Empire
Agenda... Otherwise, there's no Age of Enlightenment, this time around
it's the Dark Ages cycle... and we can't survive that.
Ellard Yow
Ellard Yow2 months ago
anybody who's not convinced, give me a call.
Deborah Anne Weber
Deborah Anne Weber3 months ago
That's a great way to put it, "a threat to human consciousness" you bet it
is... it is a violation of the physical functioning of the human brain and
body. There's no other way to put it, but to say that these "controllers"
Deborah Anne Weber
Deborah Anne Weber3 months ago
Actually, Paul has it a little backwards... but it's how the West has been
social engineered - technically so in the U.S. Torturing criminal
psychopaths, war criminals, other persons crime criminals or abetters DOES
WORK. You know, the old "eye for an eye"... ACCOUNTABILITY, retributive
justice, punishment. Paul is just regurgitating psychobabble BS steeped in
war-criminal semantics... In other words, the guilty don't want to be held
accountable so they spew PROPAGANDA knowing "If you repeat a lie often
enough, it'll eventually be perceived as truth.." Anything to get away
with what they've done.

Now, torturing completely INNOCENT PEOPLE - which was & is what GITMO, Abu
GHRAIB and other CIA off-site "prisons" are ALL ABOUT - ALSO works. It's
what war-mongering psychopaths & Empires of OLD do to control the masses.
Think of the phrase "Royal Screwing" : part of the idiomatic vernacular &
you get the idea. Having the most aggressive & "ethically-challenged" of a
populace INTENTIONALLY carry out relentless, sadistic, malevolent cruelty
& torture to completely innocent people - and, of course, the innocent
victim realizes they're dealing with feral, madmen psychopaths, which is
why some victims confess to what they think the madmen want to hear -
anything to get that oft-times lethal torture to stop. It doesn't matter
if the torturer believes or doesn't believe that the person they're
torturing is innocent or guilty - what matters is the overall effect.

So, yes, INTENTIONALLY torturing innocent people relentlessly "WORKS," it
has a function. It has a function through a war-mongering, war-criminal
sociopath agenda; through an Establishment (elite) agenda and it has a
higher function through savvier sociopaths of Empires of OLD. Those
savvier sociopaths have made the United States of America and some of the
West, the most loathed Empire on Earth - the absolute loathing & hatred
for America (USA) is not only unparalleled, but will be its eventual
demise. It's called "AUTO-GENOCIDE" in para-politics parlance. And that is
a function of those savvier who have been putting a choke-hold of all of
Humanity... It's the GAME of EMPIRE or what Paul calls "TRIANGULAR" as in
a structured socio-political culture based on pyramid scheming (couldn't
Soulutionaries Media Network
Soulutionaries Media Network3 months ago
Awesome interview Ella with an excellent insightful guest.
Paul is a truly wonderful man as is his wife Mindy.. they are both doing
great work on the platform 'Pine Cone Utopia', they have excellent
investigative presentations on their shows called 'World Beyond Belief'
with Dr Horton, Ramola D, Millicent and tons of other great freedom

Thank you also for mentioning the horrific #Sevengate case I won..It was
very much appreciated. After 14 years of being targeted, I still don't
understand how people can be soo evil and do such wicked things to
innocent people they don't even know.

Its time to shut the crime syndicate responsible down. If anyone would
like to join our 'emergency urgent public call to action' to help us sound
the alarm far and wide, please get in touch. You can watch the interview I
did with Dr Paul Marco about it on
Stay strong and safe . Much Love Seven:-))
James Valentine
James Valentine1 month ago
Campaign! @tispaces

Acceptance is a huge problem! Most people will not believe you, and in
worse cases they will never take the time to believe. #SatelliteHarassment
JB Smith
JB Smith1 month ago
I am so happy. POTUS sent me a letter. He is investigating the decade of
torture i've endured at the hands of the Newport News Police Department
and Virginia state police. All targeted individuals should write the
Boyd Johnston
Boyd Johnston1 month ago (edited)
Explanation of relationship between Opoid Industry and Torture
Racketeering =
Jenna Lee
Jenna Lee2 months ago
look up ' google play body sensors ' and ...The development of WBAN
(wireless body area network) technology started around 1995 around the
idea of using wireless personal area network (WPAN) technologies to
implement communications on, near, and around the human body. About six
years later, the term "BAN" came to refer systems where communication is
entirely within, on, and in the immediate proximity of a human
body.[8][9]A WBAN system can use WPAN wireless technologies as gateways to
reach longer ranges...these are sensors which are already built into your
cellphone. this might be one of the ways they are spying on us/watching
bizo2372 months ago (edited)
Here is a measurement: http://imgur.com/gallery/eRDW3
I can also measure with a bug detector a signal, when being microwaved.
This is not solely a psychological phenomena.

I am of the opinion pulsed non-ionizing radiation behavior modification
and Remote Neural Monitoring should be consented for and the public should
be informed of Directed Energy Weapons. None of them are non lethal.
Especially if they can be mounted on a drone and flown over your house
waking you up at intervals while you sleep. Killing you and endangering
other drivers on the road. It is an ancient form of torture on a new
weapons system. War never changes.
Cynthia Lynn Valerino
Cynthia Lynn Valerino3 months ago
I don't have anything to hide! I've never even visited adult website so...
Deborah Anne Weber
Deborah Anne Weber3 months ago
Rand, Heritage (KKK Simmons et al of Murder Inc/The Finders), and those
listed *The shillbag* Dr Judy Wood's Qui Tam case... like SAIC
Soulutionaries Media Network
Soulutionaries Media Network3 months ago
Charles Seven issues emergency call to action against SevenGate
international Satanic False Flag crime ring
By Alfred Lambremont Webre

Here is links to reports about the Key #Sevengate ringleaders

Turning Your News Inside Out
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