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Author: Jaromil
To: Frei0r free video plugins
Subject: [Frei0r] possible bug in macro definition in frei0r_math.h

dear developers,

while interacting over the contribution of a new normalization filter,
the doubt of having found a bug emerged regarding the MIN/MAX macro
definitions in frei0r_math.h, see

as you can see there are trailing semicolons on those macros, which
shouldn't be there IMHO. the bug does not raise any problem in normal
usage of macros on standalone lines (but also in case the MIN/MAX
macros are already defined, according to enclosing #ifdefs). Yet the
corner-case of the bug arises in this new plugin when build on
travis-CI (ubuntu 14) since they are used inside a conditional, see:

and that obviously breaks the C syntax rather than ignoring an
additional semicolon at end of line.

I am incline to consider this a bug in frei0r (thanks to @Chungzuwalla
on github for spotting it!) and would like to proceed fixing. Are
there strong opinion against this fix? at a quick glance on all frei0r
codebase I believe this doesn't affects any other filter, it all
compiles smoothly.


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