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Author: veleiro
To: libbitcoin
Subject: [Libbitcoin] libbitcoin fails to start and no error logs

I'm having problems resuming my sync of mainnet blockchain. I build
libbitcoin-server from master which reports at v4.0.0. I also cant seem
to find the error logs. I changed the location in the config file from
the default error_log = error.log to a static location that i could find
with no luck.

Here's the only feedback that I get after running "bs". I dont want to
reinitailize the blockchain because its already been syncing for days.

15:27:32.989303 INFO [server] ================= startup
15:27:32.989341 WARNING [server] ================= startup
15:27:32.989382 ERROR [server] ================= startup
15:27:32.989396 FATAL [server] ================= startup
15:27:32.989407 INFO [server] Using config file:
15:27:32.989425 INFO [server] Please wait while the server is
15:27:32.989871 ERROR [node] Failure starting blockchain.
15:27:32.989903 ERROR [server] Server failed to start with error,
operation failed.
15:27:32.989962 INFO [server] Please wait while the server is
15:27:32.990079 INFO [node] Server stopped successfully.

I was also wondering why the libbitcoin version of the blockchain seems
much larger than Bitcoin Core by default. I'm almost at 150GB.