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Author: psy
To: Amir Taaki
CC: System undo crew
Subject: Re: [unSYSTEM] Kurdish monuments being dismantled in Turkey

Amir Taaki:
> Turkish islamist regime dismantling symbols of Kurdish political movement:
> http://www.middleeasteye.net/news/after-political-crackdown-turkey-targets-monuments-kurdish-history-and-culture-791128912
> This is a dimension of the ideological struggle through symbols, that is
> difficult for westerners to understand.

Symbols are creating societies. Is an abstraction mind control layer
war. Take a look to trademarks, marketing, etc. even flags or in the
past, nobiliary shields.

They are just "visual references" that are used to create social classes
and to perform some conductual patterns that are applied to others (like
a sect) just using tricks to access to some primitive brain mechanisms
which are mostly engined by: sex, beauty & property.

I am reading some history books searching to understand how religions
are using their symbols during decades and how they are fagociting
others to change humans will.

It is terrifying when symbols mix religion and nationalism. I believe
that we must find the balance, or the way to subvert that mind toxic

If we aren't able to create ours, our unique way will be to engange a
direct fight, as for example, starting to boicot seriously to some
options without back.