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Author: Eric Voskuil
To: libbitcoin
CC: jtimon
Subject: [Libbitcoin] Libbitcoin v3.3 pending (csv)
I've issued a pull request that implements bip68, bip112, and bip113 in libbitcoin/version3.


I have also implemented and tested the necessary changes for other repos so that these features are exposed via config in node (bn) and server (bs), enabled by default, as well as a minor update to explorer (bx) that patches a unit test with nop3. These are currently in my personal repo. I'm traveling over the weekend and planning to merge/tag these all as v3.3 by Tuesday.

Please feel free to review the consensus changes, in the following commits:

bip68 (relative locktime)


bip112 (check sequence verify)


bip113 (median time past for locktime)


Script tests for op_checksequenceverify:


Other commits in this pull request are not directly related to implementation of the bips, relating primarily to config, blockchain and database support, and expansion of the scripting language.

The changes are fully unit tested and script tested, and I've validated full mainnet with bn/libconsensus and full testnet with bs/native-script. The full set of changes in all repos took less than a week, including database changes to cache median time past with block headers and outputs. Store size is marginally increased. Validation speed is improved slightly due to a non-consensus optimization fix.