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Author: Amir Taaki
To: unsystem
Subject: Re: [unSYSTEM] ADMIN: Messages are, nevertheless, public
Thank you friend, I'm studying and will be writing here soon again with
some more announcements.

> Hello all,
>    The list has been somewhat quiet. That's not a problem. I'm just noting it.

>    I have been moderating the list for a few years now. Today i have a
> request to join from "digest.catch@???". I don't know if someone
> is trying to be clever and capture all the messages for archive
> purposes, or someone has managed to get a very clever gmail account
> name. :)

>    But, just to be clear, there's no way for me to know if, for
> example, "John SMITH" joins with a seemingly normal email address,
> whether that person is for or against the "interests of the list". So,
> archiving, and therefore the possibility of publishing, the list is
> trivial. Just in case you didn't think of this.

>    Unless i hear objections, i will be allowing this address to join
> the list, perhaps by the end of next week?

>    I hope you all are doing well.