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Author: Miroslav Rovis
To: heads
Subject: Re: [heads] some notes and questions about heads usage and developement
On 170411-05:44+0200, Miroslav Rovis wrote:

Just, on a sidenote, if I may, I must say I haven't laughed in months
like today. Pls. readers, look up the picture of special humanoid
sparrows at:


(I can't stop laughing! It's the best montage I've seen in ages!)

I tried to find "gifsboom.net" but tumblr said nothing there...

> I have spent quite a few hours studying inside-heads.pdf, Guidelines for
> a heads developer. Nope, not quick at all would the work be in Gentoo.
> Right at the start of work there would be, it's in:
> <editor> ./build-system/README.md
> ...
> additional dependencies
> -----------------------
> live-boot-initramfs-tools gcc-6-plugin-dev
> Those appear to me to be Devuan specific programs, and while I would
> very much like to try and build Heads in Gentoo

> but even
> the installation of Debian/Devuan packages on Gentoo, while they say
> --they being seasoned developers-- is easy, I haven't yet played with
> it...)

@parazyd, on your parazyd.cf page I see you also contribute to Gentoo...
I see that if I plunge into work on and try to figure out how to build
Heads in Gentoo I probably can ask you if I am not able to go pass such
obstacles... Right?

Miroslav Rovis
Zagreb, Croatia