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Author: Dan Dennedy
To: Minimalistic plugin API for video effects
Subject: Re: [Frei0r] frei0r-plugins release 1.6
The issue of an automake error in the tarball came up on previous release.
Not only does it continue in the release archive but now also affects git
master: https://github.com/dyne/frei0r/issues/11

We should release a v1.6.1.
See now that it builds with Travis CI (integrated into Github):

On Fri, Mar 24, 2017 at 1:27 PM salsaman <salsaman@???> wrote:


On Fri, Mar 24, 2017 at 3:39 PM, Jaromil <jaromil@???> wrote:

Dear fellow developers, frei0r-plugins version 1.6 is releases, please
feel free to forward this announcement to anyone interested. ChangeLog:

        This release contains new filters and some bugfixes to parameters
        and building environment, documentation is updated accordingly.
        New filters (3): bgsubtract0r, glitch0r, rgbsplit0r
        Updated (2): Distort0r now mode and velocity, Curves has improved

   ___________              ._________
   \_   _____/______   ____ |__\   _  \_______
    |    __) \_  __ \_/ __ \|  /  /_\  \_  __ \
    |     \   |  | \/\  ___/|  \  \_/   \  | \/
    \___  /   |__|    \___  >__|\_____  /__|
        \/                \/          \/

Minimalistic plugin API for video effects  v1.6
                by the Piksel Developers Union

Updated info on https://frei0r.dyne.org

Direct source download on https://files.dyne.org/frei0r

# What frei0r is

Frei0r is a minimalistic plugin API for video effects.

The main emphasis is on simplicity for an API that will round up the
most common video effects into simple filters, sources and mixers that
can be controlled by parameters.

It's our hope that this way these simple effects can be shared between
many applications, avoiding their reimplementation by different

## What frei0r is not

Frei0r is not meant as a competing standard to more ambitious efforts
that try to satisfy the needs of many different applications and more
complex effects.

It is not meant as a generic API for all kinds of video applications,
as it doesn't provides things like an extensive parameter mechanism or
event handling.

Eventually the frei0r API can be wrapped by higher level APIs
expanding its functionalities
(for instance as GStreamer, MLT, FFmpeg and others do).

## Current status

Developers are sporadically contributing and we are happy if more
people like to get involved, so let us know about your creations! Code
and patches are well accepted, get in touch with us on the
mailinglist (see the section Communication below).

## History

Frei0r has been around since 2004, born from yearly brainstormings
held at the Piksel conference with the participation of various free
and open source video software developers.

It works on all hardware platforms without the need for any particular
hardware acceleration (GNU/Linux, Apple/OSX and MS/Win) and consists
of more than 100 plugins. Among the free and open source video
application supporting frei0r are: KDEnLive, FFmpeg, MLT, PureData,
Open Movie Editor, DVEdit, Gephex, LiVES, FreeJ, VeeJay, Flowblade, and
Shotcut among the others.

Wikipedia page about frei0r: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frei0r

[Piksel]: http://www.piksel.no
[PureData]: http://www.artefacte.org/pd/
[Open Movie Editor]: http://openmovieeditor.sourceforge.net/
[DVEdit]: http://www.freenet.org.nz/dvedit
[Gephex]: http://www.gephex.org/
[LiVES]: http://lives.sf.net
[FreeJ]: http://freej.dyne.org
[MøB]: http://mob.bek.no/
[VeeJay]: http://veejayhq.net
[MLT]: http://www.mltframework.org/
[KDEnLive]: http://www.kdenlive.org/
[Flowblade]: http://code.google.com/p/flowblade/
[Shotcut]: https://www.shotcut.org/

# Downloads

## Source code

Stable frei0r releases are packaged periodically and distributed on


Frei0r sourcecode is released under the terms of the GNU General Public
License and, eventually other compatible Free Software licenses.

The latest source for frei0r plugins can be attained using git on

Make sure to get in touch with our mailinglist if you like to contribute.

## Build dependencies

Frei0r can be built on GNU/Linux, M$/Windows and Apple/OSX platforms,
possibly in even more environments like embedded devices.

For details see the [INSTALL](/INSTALL) file.

### GNU / Linux

Binary packages are mantained on various distributions, but they may not be
completely up to date with latest release.

### Apple / OSX

MacPorts provides packages for OSX:
[MacPorts]: http://www.macports.org
          $ sudo port install frei0r-plugins

Pre-compiled binaries are also uploaded on our website.

We encourage Apple/OSX application distributors to compile the plugins
directly and to include frei0r within their bundle.

### Microsoft / Windows

Pre-compiled binaries are often provided by third-parties, but they may not
to be up to date.

We encourage MS/Win application distributors to compile the plugins
directly and to include frei0r within their bundle.

# Documentation

If you are new to frei0r (but not to programming) the best thing is
probably to have a look at the [frei0r header](/include/frei0r.h), which is
quite simple and well documented. The [doxyfied documentation](
http://frei0r.dyne.org/codedoc/html) is also available for browsing on-line.

## C++ Filter example

A simple skeleton for a frei0r video filter looks like this:

#include <frei0r.hpp>

  typedef struct {
    int16_t w, h;
    uint8_t bpp;
    uint32_t size;
  } ScreenGeometry;

  class MyExample: public frei0r::filter {
    MyExample(int wdt, int hgt);
    virtual void update();
    ScreenGeometry geo;
    void _init(int wdt, int hgt);

MyExample::MyExample() { /* constructor */ }
MyExample::~MyExample() { /* destructor */ }

  void MyExample::_init(int wdt, int hgt) {
    geo.w = wdt;
    geo.h = hgt;
    geo.bpp = 32; // this filter works only in RGBA 32bit
    geo.size = geo.w*geo.h*(geo.bpp/8); // calculate the size in bytes

  void MyExample::update() {
    // we get video input via buffer pointer (void*)in
    uint32_t *src = (uint32_t*)in;
    // and we give video output via buffer pointer (void*)out
    uint32_t *dst = (uint32_t*)out;
    // this example here does just a copy of input to output
    memcpy(dst, src, geo.size);

          plugin("MyExample", "short and simple description for my example",
                 "Who did it", 1, 0);

## Communication

You can get in touch with our developer community, send your new effects
and share your intentions with us.

We have a free mailinglist open to [subscription](
https://mailinglists.dyne.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/frei0r) and we
provide [public archives](http://lists.dyne.org/lurker/list/frei0r.en.html)
of the discussions there that are also searchable and indexed online.

For bug reporting the mailinglist is preferred, but is also possible to use
an [issue tracker](https://github.com/dyne/frei0r/issues).

## Acknowledgments

Frei0r is the result of a collective effort in coordination with several
software developers meeting to find a common standard for video effect
plugins to be used among their applications.

For a full list of contributors and the project history, see the file
[AUTHORS](/AUTHORS), the [ChangeLog](/ChangeLog) and the project web page:

~.,_   Denis Roio aka Jaromil    http://Dyne.org think &do tank
    "+.   CTO and co-founder      free/open source developers
      @)   ⚷ crypto κρυπτο крипто गुप्त् 加密 האנוסים المشفره
    @@)  GnuPG: 6113D89C A825C5CE DD02C872 73B35DA5 4ACB7D10
(@@@)  opmsg:73a8e097a038d82b 8afb4c05804bda0d 281b3880fbc19b88

Frei0r mailing list - http://frei0r.dyne.org
Free video plugins, minimal and cross-platform.

Frei0r mailing list - http://frei0r.dyne.org
Free video plugins, minimal and cross-platform.