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Author: parazyd
To: Miroslav Rovis
CC: heads
Subject: Re: [heads] dead link to heads ML archives
On Mon, 13 Mar 2017, Miroslav Rovis wrote:

> And I'm so glad finally somebody takes PGP for what it's best for!
> Signing git commits!
> (or tags like I do in my --primitive-- programming,
> currently only on github -- https://github.com/miroR--, but because I
> didn't know better... am still struggling...)
> But I can't log in, password not being sent to me (probably my, khm,
> khm, kind and joyous provider+its shadows)... re-asking to be sent to me
> for at least three times so far...
> I found exactly what I was searching for at this page (also by the
> Refracta dev, and you):
> Filesystem persistence
> https://git.devuan.org/heads/bugtracker/issues/3
> And no way can I get me the password sent...
> Could be the said above, could be ...something else?
> Regards!

You can't get the password from github, or...? I'm not sure I understand
what password you're talking about.


~ parazyd
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