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Author: gorhgorh
To: squatconf, Teal Gaure
Subject: Re: [Squatconf] dates?
Hi there,

this is a good question, last time we talked about it the idea is to be
in between theses two conferences :

- http://devitconf.org/ <http://devitconf.org/> (20-21 may)

- https://frontendunited.org/ <https://frontendunited.org/> (26-27may)

they are happening one weekend after the other, so current options would
be like during week time in between or the weekend after.

We plan to do it in Exarcheia, with the help of Naomi and Petros (Petros
is full time in Exarcheia, and Naomi is between UK and Greece).

Some ppl meet and talked about it more at FOSDEM, but I could not make
it, so I don't have all the details but they can add some info here.

I'll also use this message to make some things clear about my current
involvement in this edition organisation, and to see where ppl are
currently at.

As some ppl already know, I'm currently have things
(nothing terrible) to deal with, and I'm not as involved in the
organisation that I would love to be, so now would be a good time to see
who is in to help on the organisation side and see if we have the needed
team to go on.

Talk to you all soon,


> On 28 Feb 2017, at 11:32, Teal Gaure <~@teal.gr> wrote:
> Hey,
> any idea for dates yet?
> only thing I heard so far was "around end of May"
> would be good to figure it out soon
> so people can mark the dates and organize travels.
> ~TG
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