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Author: ng0
To: squatconf
Subject: Re: [Squatconf] Please switch off forced Reply to here
On 2016-05-21(10:04:02+0200), Caleb James DeLisle wrote:
> There's no "force reply" in the admin interface for Mailman but I have changed
> reply_goes_to_list to be "Poster" which should do what you want - direct replies to become private.
> Thanks,
> Caleb
> On 21/05/16 21:51, Holger Krekel wrote:
> > With forced reply worst case is sending a private message to the group and k9/android cannot add the sender to the Adressbuch and there is no way to send the person a private mail, without forced reply a group message might only be sent to one member. Agreed, though, a reply-all duplicates mails in some clients. So we are on one level talking about UI deficiencies but what is left is accidental group messages... Happened to me and I am using email since centuries.

That is clearly a broken functionality in the mail application
you are using and not in the list server.
No need to break it for everyone else.
Well, now that it is already done I'll just adjust my filters and reply

In my opinion it breaks replying to lists. If one wants to send private,
offlist messages this is separate from the list.

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