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Author: Harry
To: squatconf
Subject: Re: [Squatconf] Event near Magdeburg (Germany)

On 05/20/2016 03:49 PM, Caleb James DeLisle wrote:

> I accept that there are reasons for some people to use FB to reach
> an audience

I don't.

>From my /etc/hosts file:    facebook.com    www.facebook.com

This helps a little, but i'm sure it's not enough. Just a quick 'hack'.

I would like to have a solid way to never ever connect to a facebook
machine, ideal would be to install a package on my os that does all the

apt-get install facebook-neverevernomore

something like that.

If take a look into my repository, i find a lot of libs and tools to
_CONNECT_ to facebook, none to prevent it.

Did the great RMS just die, and nobody cares? Is the situation _REALLY_
this bad? I refuse to believe it. I'm with the people not
on facebook. We are still the mayority!