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Author: Vesna Manojlovic
To: squatconf
Subject: [Squatconf] Yet another "HackBase" (in progress) : LikaCamp2016
Dear all,

this summer there will be an "exploration" into the possibilities of the
"rewilding" the old family farm in Lika, Croatia, with friends & family,
and turning it into ... (long term plan! 8-10 years!)
... a Rural Hack Base
... Intentional Eco Community
... Temporary Autonomus Zone
... a Budhist retreat center?! (unMonastery?!)
... or just having an active, natural, communal, cheap holiday ;-)

I was there in the summer of 2014, for two weeks with 15 people.
This summer we are there for 3 weeks, with 10-30 #UnCiv people


It's close to yearly festival MMK, Nikola Tesla's birth-place,
mount Velebit, and the Adriatic Sea...

Let me know if you are interested in joining!

Video from CCCamp where I announce this (5 minutes)

Share & Enjoy,


When:    18.7. - 5.8. 2016.

Three weeks of:

Buildup 17-23.7.
Meetup 23-31.7.
Cleanup 1-5.8.

Lika -- Croatia; Gubavcevo Polje 12, Gracac
GPS coordinates: 44.340328, 15.936926

BecHa, Arnd, Alisa, Charlie, Nana, Nina, ... Patrice?, Podinski??
Lorenzo??, Webmind?!

Intentional Community Gathering for:
fun, camping with children, unConference (learning from each other), making a
sauna,mesh networking, enjoying nature, and any project you bring!

How much will it cost:

The camping is "gratis" & we will be sharing the existing facilities,
but we expect guests to contribute - either to cover the costs, or to put extra
effort in making the place & area better then they found it...

ONE euro per person per day for electricity & water
10 Euro per day per person for communal food

How to get there:
- walking!
- by bike ;-)
- or by fossil-fuel-burning transport... car, plane, train, camper...

community, cooperation, commons, squirrels     // http://becha.home.xs4all.nl
nature, anarchy, utopia, anthropocene, collapse // https://lists.puscii.nl/wws/arc/uncivilization