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Author: Don Wright
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Devuan Security Repo (was Re: invalid security certificate)
Daniel Reurich wrote:

>We now have jessie-security and ascii-security repositories available on
>our mirrors
>deb http(s)://<CC|auto>.mirror.devuan.org/merged jessie-security main
>[contrib] [non-free]

Would someone speak to the differences between auto.mirror.devuan.org
and auto.mirrors.devuan.org? The first is being used in this discussion,
while the second is used on https://devuan.org/ in the main page.

I resolve them as:
auto.mirror.devuan.org. 300     IN      CNAME   packages.devuan.org.
packages.devuan.org.    1800    IN      A

auto.mirrors.devuan.org. 300    IN      CNAME   www.devuan.org.
www.devuan.org.         600     IN      A