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Author: d.j.a.y
To: frei0r
Subject: [Frei0r] Fx parameters / Default value ?
Hi there,

I am about to propose a patch for the "distort0r" effect
adding a new 'velocity' parameter controling ... the speed
of the sinus wave.


Without a default value set, there is a kind of "visual
compatibility" break : new version of the effect is slower,
to reach the current (v1.5) visual effect of distort0r
(and no adding "visual compatibility" break) the new parameter
should be set to 80% (0.8).

1) Any idea about the default parameter value ?

Or maybe i can add a second (bool) parameter :
False - old behavior (based on time)
True - new behavior (based on velocity) .

2) What do you think/prefer?