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Author: Suzon Fuks
To: Bricolabs
Subject: Re: [Bricolabs] Back from Yogyakarta. Preparing the First World Summit on Critical Making
Am in brussels right now until 23 Sept, if any Brico people hereŠ happy to
meet and discuss possiblititesŠ.
WATERWHEEL, Make & Share about Water
+32-489-552 434 (GSM belge)
it takes 3 litres of water to make 1 sheet of A4 paper & 12,000 litres to
make 500 grams of chocolate!

From: venzha christ <venzha@???>
Reply-To: Bricolabs <brico@???>
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2014 14:32:18 -0700
To: Bricolabs <brico@???>
Subject: Re: [Bricolabs] Back from Yogyakarta. Preparing the First World
Summit on Critical Making

Thanks J.N.M - nicelab - for very good explanation / The World Summit of
Critical Making 2015 / after [proto:type] 2014
http://www.natural-fiber.com/y2014/ then we are ready for one year
preparation start on sept-oct this year :-)
Brico, we really need all your support and participation - for all
TRANSFORMAKERS (thanks for gustaff !! )
hello Rob, Yasir, Zahra, Suzon, Natacha, Vicky, Sonja, Paula, Stephen,
Sarath, Stefania, Deanna etc and all brico's in this list --- super thanks
-->> we are really open for any ideas and "content" of the First World
Summit of Critical Making 2015...
Rob, lets meet in sept :-) - Brussels ?

hugs and all best regards from YCAM

We are all transformakers !
venzha christ
http://natural-fiber.com/ <http://natural-fiber.com/>
http://honfablab.org/ <http://honfablab.org/>

On Tuesday, July 1, 2014 2:05 AM, Paula Vélez <pvelezbr@???> wrote:

Critical Making!

Very good!

Count also with me.


El 30/06/14 13:27, natacha escribió:
> hey super to see this taking form of a project, would be happy to work
> on this.
> n.
> On 06/30/2014 10:32 AM, Jean-Noël Montagné wrote:
>> Hi Bricos :-)
>> Very important news for all Bricos: we have the opportunity to gather
>> ourselves in Indonesia in autumn 2015, and to participate to a major
>> event in history.
>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Back from Yogyakarta, Indonesia.......
>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Few hours ago, I was sitting here in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, in HONF
>> headquarters, with Venzha from Bricolabs and founder of HONF, with
>> Irene, artistic director and co-founder of Honf, and Tommy Suryo,
>> director of Honf Fablab http://www.honfablab.org/

<http://www.honfablab.org/> . I was there for
>> the Proto[Type] 2014 meeting in Yogyakarta, organised by 3 NGO: HONF
>> Foundation, Catec (represented by Ilham Habibie) and rOg (represented
>> by Stephen Kovats, chairing the meeting).
>> Meeting on Open Culture and Critical Making:
>> http://www.natural-fiber.com/y2014/
>> After three days of brainstorming with international and Indonesian
>> partners, we have found that there is an opportunity to launch here in
>> Indonesia, the First World Summit of Critical Making in autumn 2015.
>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Critical Making ?
>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>> The original concept of Critical Making has been first set up by Matt
>> Ratto, one of the first co-founders of Bricolabs list, few years ago,
>> then started to be a subject of research & learning in some universities.
>> Critical Making is basically what we do and share in Bricolabs:
>> creating and building art, knowledge, goods, services and structures
>> in citizen-based approach and not in a capitalist-based approach. We
>> develop a critical reflection on the relations between technology and
>> society. We like to share our knowledge, we like to control the
>> technologies and not be controlled by them, we like to hack, to build,
>> to learn and to teach. We like the world, we like the planet. We like
>> freedom and poetry.
>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Why a world summit of Critical Making ?
>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Critical Making is one pacific approach to the necessary changes we
>> have to do as soon as possible, regarding the conjunction of two main
>> crisis in the very next years:
>> -energy crisis: we are at the end of the "sinusoidal plateau phase"
>> of the peak oil. Very next years (around 2017, + or - 2 years,
>> according to many indicators and researches) will see the price of
>> petrol climbing regularly and strongly with a global impact on all
>> production of goods and services, all over the world, with all the bad
>> consequences we can imagine on society.
>> -climate crisis: this year, as last year, was the world record of
>> sending CO2 and greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. The climat is more
>> and more chaotic and violent. The climate crisis affects health, water
>> resources, agriculture and food production, transports and lodging of
>> billion people. Floods, tempests and dryness will create hundred
>> million refugees. Nobody has succeded yet to stop this self-destruction.
>> I don't forget also the metal ressources crisis, coming during the 20
>> next years with huge impact on industry and society, the fragility of
>> financial system, the political crisis and many other sectors of
>> society in deep distress.
>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Infinite growth
>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Please don't consider these facts as conspiracy theories coming from
>> paranoïac attitude. It is just analysis of the curves of the
>> production and consumption of our resources. All these numbers come
>> from official & industrial agencies, and are really easy to verify.
>> Even if the predictions are wrong within a few years, it's a matter of
>> time: this planet is small and has limits. Infinite growth is
>> impossible. In just two centuries we have consumed most of the fossil
>> resources, and our children will have to live in a completely
>> different world.
>> Despite this negative observations, mostly ignored by the medias, who
>> want to profit from ads for cars and useless electronics as long as
>> possible, we still have the power to make another world possible,
>> other worlds possible, and using our schemes to start a viral
>> transformation of the society, starting from our neighborhood, from
>> our house, now. In most of the countries, leaded by industrial and
>> financial power, this transformation will have to come from the
>> citizens, at citizen-scale. Cooperation, Do-It-Yourself ( DIY),
>> Do-It-With-Others (DIWO), share, openess, open-source, autonomy are
>> the keywords. Realistic keywords. Mankind keywords.
>> We have almost ten years to build " global and local development of
>> generic infrastructures incrementally developed by communities ", and
>> we have to spread it before, or during, an eventual chaos. The easiest
>> years to do it are now, just now, because energy has still a low cost,
>> and everything is still possible.
>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>> The World Summit of Critical Making, autumn 2015.
>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>> The World Summit of Critical Making hope to show & spread a lot of new
>> practices, directly usable by the people. The World Summit of
>> Critical Making itself has to be a critical making process. This
>> summit will produce words for the documentation of many critical
>> making processes , but will aslo show facts, tools, objects, networks,
>> practices, ways of learning, ways of spreading the knowledge. The main
>> focus is to show how to start the transformations now.
>> We are all transformakers !
>> If scientific words are produced, and such words will be produced, it
>> will not be only for storing heavy PHD thesis on shelves of
>> universities, but for sharing methods, manuals, translations,
>> encyclopedias, hope, art. If words are produced, it will be words of
>> love and knowledge. For viral immediate use.
>> A very important part of the summit will be the "Demo Faire", the
>> "Tangible Zone", the "Workshop Place", the "Hack Area", the "World
>> Tool Sheds" where the invitees and Indonesian citizen will see, test,
>> hack, touch, learn, dismantle & build the concepts, the materials, the
>> objects, the machines, the systems.
>> -------------------------------------------------------------------
>> A big event for Indonesia and South East Asia
>> -------------------------------------------------------------------
>> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southeast_Asia
>> Our first contacts in Indonesia and worldwide are ready to support a
>> big international event in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, in autumn 2015, with
>> hundreds attendees.
>> Indonesia is centered on equator. Indonesia is full of diversity in
>> all sectors of the society, and knows how to manage it.
>> http://tinyurl.com/indonesian-diversity

<http://tinyurl.com/indonesian-diversity> Indonesia is a little planet
>> itself. More than 700 living languages are spoken in Indonesia.
>> Influences of Indian, Japanese, Australian, Chinese, Australian,
>> European cultures associated with traditional islands cultures.
>> Indonesia has a lot of natural ressources, with the world's second
>> highest level of biodiversity after Brazil. Indonesia has a lot of
>> makers. The indonesian Fablab, DIY, and DIWO scene is growing quickly,
>> and we have a lot to learn from them. And the people are very nice and
>> peaceful. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indonesia
>> As hosts and main organisers with our help, Indonesian and South-East
>> Asia transformakers will have an important place in the summit, and
>> you will see that this is a real chance for us to discover people
>> coming from a territory half as big as Europe and inhabited by as many
>> citizens as Europe or North America.
>> -------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Contents of the First World Summit of Critical Making 2015.
>> -------------------------------------------------------------------
>> We would like that the autumn 2015 summit will be composed by 50% of
>> words and 50% of practice. But we would like that the practices show
>> over 70% of real level of utility, and less than 30% experiment. And
>> we would like that the words produced for the summit represents over
>> 70% of direct spread of the knowledge to the people, by all channels
>> possible, and less than 30% for academic research.
>> During the next weeks, we want your comments, questions and inputs on
>> the project. Post on this list. We want that you take a breath, unplug
>> the stressfull electonic devices around you, and take some time to
>> think about such a summit. About the next years of our children.
>> We need your creativity, your work and your help to make it a major
>> world event in 2015.
>> Welcome, transformakers. Tell us if you are into the project.
>> JN, with the help and great inspiration of Venzha, Irene, Tommy and
>> all HONF partners in Indonesia
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