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Author: Grazcoin
To: libbitcoin
Subject: [Libbitcoin] obelisk appliance for download
If there a need for a pre configured appliance (virtual machine image)
that runs sx/obelisk - I have prepared one.

It is based on the LTS ubuntu server 14.04

The vm image (a.k.a appliance) is available for download on:
https://masterchain.info/downloads/mint2b.ova (open virtualization
format version 1.0)
or using zsync:
zsync http://obelisk.secseq.com/mint2b.ova.zsync
143b942d8f114e510995fcbe7f605e40 mint2b.ova
size: 1440306688

Import the appliance to VirtualVox.
you may need to enable vboxnet0 (see
http://islandora.ca/content/fixing-missing-vboxnet0 ) if virtual box
complains on missing vboxnet0.

you can then ssh dev@ <mailto:dev@>
password dev

I have tested it on virtualbox, but since it is open virtualization
format version 1.0, it should also work with other virtualization

On default it uses an external obelisk, but there are instructions for a
fast deploy of a full obelisk node within the bitcointalk link above.
The project is part of the bitcoin 2.0 distributed exchange project
which forked mastercoin protocol, but for you it could be just a fast
way to deploy obelisk locally or even publicly.