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Author: Holger Beetz
To: dynebolic mailinglist
Subject: Re: [dyne:bolic] How is everything going?
Hey Jaromil, hey List,

good to here from you ! I hope everything is fine.
In regard to installing "any" Linux distribution to a USB stick versus dyne
I just wanted to highlight the other options which are available unless we
get a "non-beta" of dyne to play with. I had big success running Trisquel
5.5 from a 16GB USB stick for over a year.

I will do the usual testing with some 3D gaming. My system recently got an
update (AMD Quadcore 4x3GHz, 8GB RAM, GeForce 450GTS) and I am curious how
it will deal with Noveau :)

If I can provide further support, then drop me a note :)

Until then I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new Year.


2012/12/9 Jaromil <jaromil@???>

> re all,
> On Sat, 13 Oct 2012, Holger Beetz wrote:
> > I contacted Jaromil somewhere around August. He was on vacation
> > visiting his family. IIRC he mentioned that he will be back in October
> > start hacking on d:b again.
> Thanks for giving updates Holger. I have had other priorities through
> october and until now, but I'm still planning to give dyne:III another
> spin if noone else does before.
> > May be we will have something to play with till the end of the year.
> likely in jan/feb if all goes well and it will simply consist of an
> update of the kernel for up to date hardware support, plus a simplier
> way to install the system on the harddisk and have persistent storage,
> since that is the most common request we receive from users on the
> contact for of dyne.org
> > From my limited understanding a Live distribution like d:b is cool but
> > at least newer PCs today play nicely with a USB stick as boot media.
> yes every distro has its own advantages and disadvantages, there are
> many to choose from and those listed by the GNU and FSF projects are
> respecting your freedom.
> d:b turns out to be good for quick deployement (nomadic use) and for
> introducing people to GNU/Linux, as well some recovery tasks and media
> manipulation as usual. many people find it so convenient to wish having
> it installed as main system, so we should think of those first I think
> now, I also need it on some of my systems.
> In order to progress on developmnet I've found an old IBM laptop second
> hand for 100$ and bought it as a testing platform with 256MB RAM and an
> old version of Korean windowz installed, will see how the new version
> runs on that rather standard hardware.
> for encouragement, motivation and support to development, donations are
> very welcome on http://dyne.org/donate since I've lost all the support
> I've got from public institutions to work on this project its now harder
> to find time to work on it. I'm also not so good at marketing or fund
> raising...
> ciao
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