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Author: bronac
To: brico
Subject: Re: [Bricolabs] Even "The Powers That Be" are starting to Think Brico...
I am also sure this isn't about 'quality' of English - such dialogues rarely are and this can be an easy excuse. The problem isn't sarcasm either but at level of consciousness, of mind, so yes it is about language (the thoughts we have in our heads and the projections we might throw onto others). To refer to someone as a chick speaks of a very odd world-view indeed, probably saying more about the ego of the person speaking than anyone who might be referred to.

Chicks - easter eggs - OK!


On Apr 6, 2012, Atteqa Malik <atteqa@???> wrote:

Sounds to me like Mr.Paw is insecure about people who fall outside his comfort zone
Its definitely not about his English or lack of understanding that Im sure of
cause he strategically backtracks every stereotyped statement with one that shows his tolerant side

A lot of his comments are aimed at attracting attention to himself so:
Tell me Mr.Paw whats your real name and how would you define yourself "sarcastically" if you were one of us Muslims...
I wish you peace Brother

lets have a cup of coffee one day ok?

On Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 10:28 PM, John Hopkins <jhopkins@???> wrote:

Ei J.

I think if you stress this point, the majority of the list will agree

with you that "proper english" is not a requirement and actually,

considering bricolabs is mostly a "public south-to-south network", our

use of english as a common (public) language can be seen as a

colonialist leftover - or a kind favour to decadent western culture.

Yes, the existence of a shared protocol within a social system (community, network) is a strange necessity that is demanding that we comply and yet provides the (only!) possible conduit for connection. This goes for English as it goes for IP (Internet Protocol) and for the metric system. All function similarly to control us and our expressive energies in specific ways, pathways. There is no connection without some kind of such protocol. Some are more flexible and forgiving than others that are rigid and very *unforgiving* while at the same time, flexibility carries the risk of mis-communication. This presents us always with a paradox.

And, yes, perhaps I have a bit more restricted (but also deeper) understanding of English, as a native speaker. But having lived in second-language situations most of my adult life, when I am in such a situation, I always give respect to the fact when others are using 'my' protocol, as I hope is returned when I am using theirs.

Whenever a new protocol is picked up to be used, the user should be aware that great damage may easily occur (in the communicative act) when the protocol is not used 'correctly.'

History is littered with the bloody results of such mis-understandings!

If the Battles of Trafalgar and of Cape St Vincent had gone differently, indeed we would not be mostly speaking English on this list. Pero la vida es un camino extraño, eh?

But I believe what moves John to intervene here is mostly your

sarcasm, which can be easily perceived as offensive, especially for

all those here lacking context about you and western cynical humor in


yes, at least emoticons or something. my god, hard humor deployed f2f is one thing, and is a marvelous tool for subtle communication of emotive energies, but with the reduced and narrow possibilities of this medium, jep, keep yer shit 2gether!

beautifully said:

You see: if you want to create an un/common ground of discussion among

very different people, minimalism is your friend.

So to say, keep your shit together. :^)




John Hopkins

Watching the Tao rather than watching the Dow!





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