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Author: Soenke Zehle
To: Bricolabs startup mailinglist
Subject: Re: [Bricolabs] Please HELP US starting our DREAM! :)
Hi Victoria,

would love to see your list of crowdfunding platforms as well.

Anyone set up an independent crowdfunding site yet? We were going to
take a closer look at


for an independent media project with colleagues from Lagos, Nigeria,


2012/2/18 victoria sinclair <vickysinclair@???>:
> Hey Asbesto and happy hack dreams!
> i don't know how you feel about it - i am still working out my opinion
> on it all but there are some semi-decent crowdfunding links out there
> i recently did some research on them.   it was semi specific to the
> projects i axm working with, but resulted in me working through a long
> list of links on the p2p foundation site and going through them.   can
> send you this along if that's any help to you
> by the way in a different way of hacking we got a signal out of the
> prison today and had a big party and loads of performances here in
> bogota.     it was a pilot and we are looking forward more....and
> thanks to any bricos who tuned in!
> vx
> On 2/17/12, asbesto <asbesto@???> wrote:
>> Hi people!
>> It's time to show us, time to "spam" the list! :) After MONTHS
>> of reading about all hackerspaces and bricolab stuff, ideas,
>> organizations, it's time for us here at Poetry Hacklab to ask
>> for HELP!
>> In the past 6 months we faced the risk to LOSE EVERYTHING in
>> just one day. Because of that, we HAD to move all our historical
>> computers into a new place. And that was not a simple task,
>> believe me!
>> In a stormy and windy night, we all met together around a fire,
>> brave mens and womens in the woods, and decided to put our hands
>> in our pockets, extract those few gold and silver coins we had,
>> go to the village, rent a new space and move everything there!
>> \o/
>> So, here we are, at the new place, in Palazzolo Acreide, Via
>> Carnevale 17, Italy; a first floor old 4 room apartment and a
>> deposit, to start our main project: the "Museo dell'Informatica
>> Funzionante", our Computer Museum made of restored computers,
>> media, documentation, a living museum full of happiness!
>> Since we moved in November, we have now a biblioteque full of
>> books, manuals, schematics; a Media Room full of tapes, reels,
>> disks, and all kind of media (old operating systems and data
>> waiting to be restored, copied, recovered, preserved and shared
>> for the joy of everyone in the world), two show rooms (not so
>> big but a good starting point after years of PANIC!), an
>> electronic lab for repairing stuff, and a kitchen.
>> We have stored and saved almost 2000 historical pieces (some of
>> them dated even back to the '40); some of them have been fixed,
>> thanks to our effort, and are now perfectly working, while other
>> are still waiting to come back to life.
>> We want a museum full of life: people using those old computers,
>> people in our Biblioteque, seeking for manuals, copying
>> software, installing, joining us in restoration activities,
>> workshops, experiments... A lot of work has to be done, all with
>> almost no money, but a lot of happiness and joy!
>> The vision of a museum of this kind has been motivating us for
>> years, making us pioneers in this emerging area. Museums of this
>> kinds are popping up all around the world, acquiring attention
>> and help from both private institutions and single supporters;
>> having visited some of them, we found out that the uniqueness of
>> some of our pieces, together with the software we produced in
>> the past, our own history and the ideas we have, could bring our
>> Museo dell'Informatica Funzionante as an excellence in his
>> field. In fact, in the recent past we've been able to attract
>> the attention of national and international media and to bring
>> in Palazzolo Acreide experts from all around Europe, people to
>> whom we are happy to offer access to some of the computers in
>> our old small and inadequate spaces.
>> We're sustaining all expenses by our own pockets, and by
>> donations of other nice people that help us; but unfortunately
>> we're not in a city like New York or Boston or Paris; we lay in
>> the middle of Sicily, in the center of the Mediterranean Sea!
>> (and you can understand what this mean!); many of us don't have
>> any kind of regular job, we struggle to survive in this hostile
>> ambient, costantly fighting for being understood by local
>> authorities, that literally ignore or misunderstand our work,
>> giving no help at all, despite many visitors and enthusiasts
>> that are joining us at the Museum.
>> We are looking for contributions that will help us dealing with
>> our expenses in this first phase of our project. We estimate an
>> annual budget of about 10,000 EUR for this first year, which
>> will be spent in renewing our rented locals and to pay bills.
>> We are asking, to anyone interested and willing to support, to
>> sponsor us and discuss with us something that wouldn't only be a
>> simple donation, but also an investment opportunity, which could
>> have a important impact in the long term.
>> 4 simple ways to do this:
>> * ONE SPOT donation, use our page here:
>>   http://museo.freaknet.org/index.php/Donations
>> * COLLECT: Make an happening or a dinner and collect
>>   donation for us!
>> * BECOME A MEMBER: Check out our Membership plan here:
>>   http://museo.freaknet.org/index.php/Membership
>> * DONATE STUFF: We also need THINGS, so please read here:
>>   http://museo.freaknet.org/index.php/Shopping_list
>> Remember, donations are tax-free, we can release a regular
>> receipt, being recognized by the Italian Government as a
>> Cultural Association!
>> AND AS A FINAL NOTE: Being an hackerspace/bricolab/hacklab for
>> natural attitude since years, we can HOST people at our spaces!
>> We WELCOME anyone who want to share some time with us, working
>> work old computers and also visiting a very interesting part of
>> Sicilia: Palazzolo Acreide is a beautiful town, with an ancient
>> Greek Theatre, and full of history! Wanna come visit us?
>> Please HELP our dream; thank you and happy hacking, together!
>> \o/
>> ------- asbesto
>> (Share this mail everywhere you think it can be useful, thank
>> you!)
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