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Author: Sonja van K
To: brico list eco new media list
Subject: [Bricolabs] retry now for Virtueel Platform

Rob, I'd be happy to give this a shot and then post a draft to the list for feedback, BUT... I am in New Zealand at the moment and then flying to Sydney then London, so there's no possibility that I can do anything by March 5th, except, perhaps spend a half hour on this now and, go and look at what is on the DEAF site, then go to the Brico site and do a quick cut and paste/rewrite and then post this to the list, leaving it to someone else to then forward what seems to be the consensus of the list.

Rob or anyone, just give me a go in the next hour or so.

regards/gr/naku na,

Sonja van Kerkhoff
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> Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2012 13:27:47 +0100
> From: kranenbu@???
> To: brico@???
> Subject: [Bricolabs] retry now for Virtueel Platform
> hi all,
> we tried for the Design book that did not really work, now again we are
> asked to write about bricolabs;
> anyone?
> cheers, Rob
> Dear members of Bricolabs,
> Virtueel Platform, a Dutch sector-institute aiming to stimulate
> e-culture, is busy making an overview of all Dutch media labs. We think
> Bricolabs should be a part of this overview. We would like you to help
> us sharpen and control the profile we made of you, the deadline is the
> 5th of March.
> *Publication Medialabs*
> We will make a book with attractive presentations of all +/- 40 big and
> small Dutch media labs and communities. Last November we published a
> similar book about mediafestivals
> <http://virtueelplatform.nl/activiteiten/mapping-mediafestivals/>. The
> name of this book will be LabScan 2012 and it will be published in May.
> It will be presented during the DEAF festival in Rotterdam, at this
> event we will bring it under attention of policy makers and potential
> clients. Obviously, you will receive some copies.
> *Check before the 5th of March
> *To make it easy for you, we already made a summary of your community.
> Please use the coming ten days to control, sharpen and add missing
> information to this summary. We will close the database at the 5th of
> March and we will start designing the book.
> Are you curious what kind of summary we made of you? Check our LAB
> database and log in:
> - link http://steen.virtueelplatform.nl/?q=node/765/edit
> - login bricolabs
> - ww danielradcliffe
> *Don't forget:*
> 1. Fine-tune the text before the 5th of March.
> 2. Add a logo (in case you have one) + add a photo.
> 3. Add quote, there is some room for a personal quote.
> 4. Save your adjustments.
> All questions can be send to Veerle Devreese, projectleader of Virtueel
> Platform via veerle@??? <mailto:veerle@virtueelplatform.nl>
> Thanks so much for your help!
> Kind regards, on behalf of Floor van Spaendonck, Veerle Devreese en
> Tijmen Schep
> Roos van de Weerd
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