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Author: Felipe Fonseca
To: Bricolabs
Subject: [Bricolabs] Prisma - education for socio-environmental innovation
Good morning Bricos,

(writing this exactly at the moment when Brazil is likely exploding onto
yet another step of uncertainty...)

Sending news from Ubatuba, the place in the world I hope all of you will
visit (again) and somehow affect. As well as many of you, we're also
trying to navigate these weird times.

After being immersed since early 2015 in a research project on open
science(s)[1], we're now trying to aim a little higher, at least in
local terms. Ubatuba loses a great proportion of its most talented
youngsters every year. After finishing high school at age 17, they move
away to study, as there are no universities here. There are of course
those who stay because of ideology, family or relationships, but they
often end up disillusioned after a couple years. The city does not
attract other talents in the same proportion (important exception made
to the outsiders and deviant ones that come looking for quality of life
and/or affordable pot).

It's not that I have any trust in universities as institutions. But the
lack of them makes even harder to implement sustainable alternatives to
development. Ubatuba still has more than 80% of its territory dedicated
to preservation. But the imaginary of the public administration, local
elite and middle classes still associates conservation to
underdevelopment. If it was up to these people, the trees would be
transformed into money, the communities should be transformed into
workforce and the city would be a hotspot of mass tourism. There is a
huge pressure to change regulations of land use towards that direction.

My decision in that scenario is to start building what in the long term
will become a dynamic organisation developing research and offering
education for socio-environmental innovation. It is loosely related to
the "citizen innovation" being proposed particularly by our friends in
Spain, but attempting to take into account also the particular reality
of Ubatuba (and Brazil), in which the natural environment still plays an
important role.

The name we found is Prisma, portuguese acronym for innovation, society
and environment programme. I would love to hear what you bricos make of
it, and to ask you to help make it known by potential partners or