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Author: Patrice Riemens
To: uncivilization, brico
New-Topics: [Bricolabs] ELEONORE summer residency 2017 - Mycelium Network Society
Subject: [Bricolabs] Claude Alvarez on Learning and Farming (2014)

Following a bit on Podinsky's mail (on unciv): yesterday evening I
managed to watch the whole of a Claude Alvarez talk (57') which I found
very ... well, fill in the usual praising epitheta ;-):


<<Learning and Farming plays a very critical role in life of individual
as well as society says Claude Alvares. He claims that though they seem
separate, but, in reality, they are deeply interconnected. He laments
the fact that the way multinational corporations, for their vested
interest, are destroying native agricultural practices. He also grieves
over how modern educational institutions have destroyed innate learning
capacities of students. He emphasize how by returning back to soil (and
manual work) will enhance overall education.>>

The agriculture part is well-known by now, cf Vandana Shiva and (many)
others. The education part is nothing short of revolutionary (idea not
new, but Claude's argumentation is stark)

(Personal note: I met Claude once, at his home, in 1993. He doesn't
suffer fools (like me ;-) gladly ;-)